Winter Internships 2017

The Umeed School

Like before, Umeed's winter camp aimed to broaden the horizons of the children with carefully planned curriculums for subjects like literature and history among others. Alongside exciting activities like music and drama, this time public speaking was taught as a subject to students to polish their expression. 5 days were nothing short of an exhilarating adventure full of games of kingstop and very, very hyper kids!

School of Sciences

At the School of Sciences (SOS), we put a focus on greater interaction with the students. Two interns were assigned to each class, and our team was able to strengthen its rapport with the students. Alongside our winter curriculum, we carried out enriching activities such as drama and public speaking. Another important aspect of our winter session was to encourage the children to continue pursuing an education beyond school. We hope to have been able to create an exciting and rewarding experience for the students!