Visit to The Asset School

Education is one of the most valued assets that any nation can possess, keeping this is mind, Next Generation Pakistan planned a trip to The Asset School in Kamoki (Near Gujranwala) on the 10th of February, 2013. This is a charity based schools and thus has minimal fees and students from extremely low income households.
The school started off with 60 students 10 years back and now enrolls 484 students. Recently the school also registered itself with the matriculation board.
What was surprising and extremely encouraging, was that there was a large number of girls in the school. Upto the matric level where both science and art subjects were offered to them.
9 of the NGP members visited the school and donated a computer for their IT lab. Also distributed chocolates, chips, and other goodies as token of appreciation of their commitment and hard work. Team NGP is currently collecting Urdu and English story books for the school’s library.

As the school’s principal, Sir Asif Faiz said, ” They need to read story books so they learn to dream big, and when they dream big, they’ll work harder to make their dreams come into reality”.

The visit left us all in awe and admiration for those who founded the school and those who work to make it such a successful institution. May the students of the Asset School have a bright future and others from the village keep sending their kids to school!