Umair Hussain Public School 2016 Summer Internship Program


All that is needed is a will to teach combined with initiative to see the underprivileged of our society aware of their basic health, hygiene, rights and grow up as educated citizens. With a team of 50 dedicated volunteers, Next Generation Pakistan took the initiative to conduct an internship at Umair Hussain Public School which provides formal and informal education to the children of Samsani Basti located in Johar Town. Over the course of two weeks, these children belonging from extremely poor localities were introduced to different subjects and extra curricular activities which they usually do not have the chance to partake in. From Communication Skills, Character Building, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking to fun activities such as Arts, Drama, Sports and Food and Nutrition were introduced.  

4 class subjects, 4 activities, 50 volunteers and 2 weeks. Here’s what was needed to inculcate within these kids the idea of dreams, and the willpower to achieve them. The underlying themes for the two weeks were ”Higher education” and “Tolerance”. The curriculums played an instrumental role in fostering tolerance and inspiring these students to pursue higher education. The designed curriculums focused on addressing the children’s cognitive, emotional and creative development.  

A field trip to Old Lahore was organised to show these children the beautiful landmarks of Lahore followed by a fun filled evening of good food at McDonalds- a privilege unknown to them.  

All in all the Umair Hussain Public School internship was a memorable learning experience for not only the students but also the volunteers. The volunteers were given an opportunity to learn in the best way possible: by interacting with these children to understand their backgrounds and the life that these children live. Giving the privileged volunteers an insight to the underprivileged lives of these children which would inspire them to do greater things ahead.