STS Summer Internship 2012

Next Generation Pakistan organized an Internship Programme at the School of Technical Sciences this summer from the 31st of June to the 7th of July. The School of Technical Sciences is a trust school established in Gohawa Village,Lahore. It not only aims at providing quality education but also vocational training to its students.
The programme gave students from different institutions all over Lahore the opportunity to teach the children at STS English,Mathematics,Art & Craft,Debates and Dramatics. Each day was concluded with a motivational lecture conducted by an inspirational guest speaker.The aim of the project was to lay down the foundations for the capacity building of these children. Through the co-curriculars the interns helped the students discover their hidden talents and exploit their various potentials. In today’s competitive world,academic excellence no longer remains a guarantor of success but requires involvement in the co-curricular in order for the individual to ‘achieve’.Alongside this theĀ  students’ engagement in the co-curriculars signifies their energy being allocated positively to dismiss any negative influences that affect the children once they leave the safe environment fostered at STS. To achieve these goals,the internship was created as a trailer to the permanent establishment of the co-curricular club.Furthermore it helped eliminate the gulf between different socio-economic classes,where the privileged youth was given the opportunity to not only teach the underprivileged but also to learn valuable lessons from them.
The English and Math classes served as revision courses with focus on problematic areas. The interns worked hard to develop the confidence of their students and through their unconventional teaching methods engaged their students’ interest.
The co-curriculars helped harness the creativity of the students through Dramatics and Art & Craft. Classes 5,6 and 7 learned artsy techniques like paper mache,ink-painting and working with spray-paint. Classes 8 and 9 learned were taught to use theatre to express themselves and to personify their perspectives. The students performed a play at the last day which portrayed a pertinent message: despite all obstacles the youth must take up its responsibility to make this country a better place.
Debates not only polished the oratory skills of the students but also taught them the crucial skill of analysing both sides of an argument thus logically structuring their thoughts. Students debated on various topics ranging from whether smoking should to be banned to the establishment of MNC’S.It provided them with a platform to develop the confidence that will help them in all walks of life.
The motivational lectures encouraged the students to learn how to believe in themselves. Omair Rana by showing each student that he/she saw every situation differently helped them understand the importance of accepting each other beliefs,opinions and perceptions. Max Babri convinced them that they have the ability to change this country hence they must. Ammar Jan helped them realise the need to fight for their rights. Aurangzeb Haneef made them realise the importance of believing in their dreams and the evident possibility of them coming true. Taimur Rehman gave a passionate speech that reawakened the patriotism of the students.
The internship concluded with a trip to Lahore Fort and Badshahi Mosque followed by a lunch at McDonald’s. The students found the 70-year old guide, Shami Bhai intriguing with his manyfold stories to tell. It was an enjoyable experience both for the students and the interns.


Future Prospects

The success of the internship programme has rendered its continuation probable. Team NGP is currently working on devising a long-term commitment with STS in regards with conducting co-curricular classes for the entire academic year. We hope to continue with this project for the next few years at the least in order to really harness the intellectual growth of the students at STS.