STS Debates and Dramatics Program

Next Generation Pakistan introduces another internship program at the School of Technical Sciences. This program is an opportunity for the students of STS to learn the arts of debates and dramatics. The program will commence on the 1st of February 2013 and will continue till the 3rd of May 2013. Classes will be held every Friday,thus a total of 14 sessions will be allocated in this program for this academic year. Volunteers can apply for teaching one of the two subjects: dramatics or debates.The students they will be teaching will be from Grades 5,6,7,8 and 9. The timings will be 10:30-12:15. Those of you wishing to apply, please e-mail the following details to this e-mail ID:

1) Name:

2) Date of Birth:

3) Institution:

4) Phone number:

5) Email address:

6) Which subject would you like to teach? Choose one.

  • Debates
  • Dramatics

7) Have you ever worked with Next Generation Pakistan? If so, in what project(s) were you involved?

8) Why are you interested in being a part of this internship program?