Protest Against Shia Genocide

Please invite as many people as you can to this. It’s about time for everyone to stand up for the killings of Shia in Quetta and across the country.

In light of recent events and the hundreds of deaths caused by gruesome sectarian violence in Pakistan, we feel it is imperative that we raise our voices against this anomaly.

It is time for us to raise our voices against the people who think different ideologies are reason enough to unjustly take a human life.
It is time for us to stand up against those who are trying to harm our brothers-in-faith.

In a time where Pakistan needs her youth the most; it is time that we help put a stop to the ensuing Shia Genocide. It is time for Pakistan to stop crying tears of blood. It is time for the youth to take a stand.

Join Next Generation Pakistan in protesting against sectarian violence on Tuesday at 5:00 pm. Show these barbaric individuals that their attempts at taking away our humanity are futile. Show the families of all those who have lost their lives that we haven’t failed them. Show Pakistan that you care.