PEN mentorship program interviews

Nayha Raza(Project Director), Zahra Amjad (PEN representative), M.R Amir (PEN reperesentative) and Alizeh arif (Project Assistant Director) conducting interviews for the Mentorship Program.
Not only did we have the most dedicated pool of applicants but we also had an extremely diverse group of applicants: employed and unemployed, high school students, undergrad students and successful businessmen, batch toppers and distinction holders, chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, chartered accountants, political science majors, law majors and the list goes on.

Interviews for Day 2 were hosted by Arham, Fatima, Minahil, Noor,Salman and Danish.

It pleases us to say that the inspiration driving each and every applicant to join our cause was positively different and hopefully the mentees will have a lot to gain from your guidance. Please keep yourself updated for interview results by regularly visiting our page on Facebook.