Our Vision

What really defines Next Generation Pakistan is the unique niche audience it targets since a large majority of it’s members come from private schools and universities.

Next Generation Pakistan targets the youth because it believes that the youth is in the best position to change Pakistan. Keeping in mind the situation of this country, it is evident that if the citizens are to bring any change, structural overhauls need to be made. It is strongly felt that NGP’s target audience is Pakistan’s best hope for making these difficult decisions since it is highly probable that the future leaders of the country will come from within it. It is further felt that there is a severe lack of groups that are dedicated to reform through youth empowerment and action. All of the most credible international NGO’s and NPO’s target adults. Though many of these have youth wings, Next Generation Pakistan feels that not enough of them explicitly target the youth. At school level, the shortage is at its worst.

To say Pakistan faces many problems would be an understatement. The war on terror, economic crisis and the floods are exerting pressure on a fragile economy that cannot sustain and are further underscoring problems such as social injustice, poverty and lack of health care. The government seems to be more inept than ever and is now ranked the 42nd most corrupt government in the world. It is believed, that lack of education lies at the heart of all these problems. By promoting education, we our permanently empowering the next generation- and the effects only multiply in the long run. By focusing on education, a motion can be set in cycle that can gradually help solve many, if not all, of the problems facing Pakistan. In fact, even if one is to hold the government accountable, education is necessary. Next Generation Pakistan believes that the youth has the capacity to achieve such a change.

Let’s commit ourselves to the cause of our homeland.
Let’s change tomorrow. Let’s begin today.

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