NGP receives an award from Akhuwat

On August 8th 2012, Next Generation Pakistan was invited to a graduation ceremony held by Akhuwat for its interns. The program was held at the University of Central Punjab and included a melange of different speeches, skits and presentations in order to commemorate the time these individuals had spent working with the organization. The highlight of the ceremony was Dr. Amjad Saqib’s speech. As the pioneer of Akhuwat; he primarily discussed how the organization came into being and how the interns had. in their own ways, helped build a better Pakistan. The primary purpose of this ceremony was to highlight the experiences that these interns had with the micro-financing firm and how they learnt certain aspects of goodwill and the general concept of social work.

However, another goal that was kept in mind by Akhuwat was to acknowledge the social work performed by other organizations such as Next Generation Pakistan. The team was awarded on merit for its level of dedication and focus which was depicted by the work it had done in the past few years. Mohammad Raza Goraya was nominated to accept the award on behalf of NGP and he did the organization proud by representing  it in mannerisms worthy of praise.

We hope to continue this streak by achieving new milestones at the end of each of our projects. However, our main objective still remains to attain a “Kal ka Pakistan: Eik Behtar Pakistan” through our work. Yet, we still thank Akhuwat for bestowing with this great honor and thinking of our work and team as worthy of reward.