NGP Islamabad Trip

On the 25th of August 2016, a few members of team Next Generation Pakistan visited Islamabad to initiate the first phase of our biggest project yet.  

This year, Next Generation Pakistan aims to take it’s work to new heights by expanding our volunteer base and thus spreading our philosophy and influence. This first visit marks the beginning of a whole new chapter and builds the base for our future in Islamabad. We visited Mashal model school and Master Ayub’s park school.  

The Mashal model school is a charity school which focuses on providing education to the marginalised children of the Bari Imam area of Islamabad. These children face hardships at home, as well as at work selling things such as flowers, shopping bags and sweets on the streets of Bari Imam. They have little choice but to survive on their own, and in some cases, in the company of street gangs. They are vulnerable to abuse and exploitations of all forms. Through the guidance and assistance from Mashal School, they are able to overcome their inhibitions and eventually develop a sense of trust and dignity for themselves making it easier for them to live their lives as children. Along with a basic education, the school teaches vocational skills such as stitching, pottery, computer science, carpentry and embroidery to children as well as women.  

Similarly, Master Ayub’s park school is a school for the underprivileged children of Islamabad which provides a basic education free of cost. Members of the team interacted with the children and staff of these schools in the hopes to gain an understanding and exposure to the lives of these children. In doing so, many of us saw exceptionally talented, hardworking and deserving individuals, and yet, lacking the means to pursue their dreams and live up to their potential. It is this interaction that has inspired us and motivated us to expand to such untouched areas.  

We hope to establish an affiliation with both schools and initiate projects with them in the coming year as a first step in our venture.