Mentorship Program

Next Generation Pakistan in collaboration with Progressive Education Network brings an innovative Mentorship Program. Our volunteers of ‘Summer 2012 Internship Programs’ at the School of Technical Sciences and Govt Girls High School Gopal Nagar identified a core problem. A large number of students from Government schools lacked knowledge and exposure about various options they could pursue as a career after completing their secondary education. It was surprising to observe that many wished to become a ‘tandoor wala’, cobbler or street vendor after passing their matriculation exams in Science and Humanities fields. These students were unaware of prestigious universities such as FAST, NUST, PIEAS, LUMS and many others. Furthermore, these humble students lacked the complexity of thought to realize the fast pace that the world is progressing and developing at. For instance, these students were completely oblivious to the field of I.T and software engineering. It was an alien concept to them that one should shoot for the moon and with dedication, hard work, preservation and some guidance, they shall be able to fulfill their wishes and aims of making their country proud and supporting their families with ease.

At our Mentorship Program, we aim to not only nurture and craft the dreams of these kids but provide them with guidance to make their dreams achievable for them.

Posts to apply for-

  • Mentors (Cap: 25 mentors)
  • Assistant directors (Cap: 4 assistant directors)
  • Duration: 6 months
  • 2 visits a month

What will I do as a mentor?

A mentor is a career counselor and an academic guide who shall be paying a minimum of two visits per month to his assigned school(the one nearest to your house). The mentor shall conduct lectures of approximately 2 hours per visit, informing and enlightening the students about the diverse paths of career options such as Law, Medicine, I.T, Business, Graphic Designing, and Arts etc. He/She must create awareness about universities and various scholarship programs such as Lums NOP (National Outreach program) and NUST OST. We encourage the mentor to be an ideal and include inspirational talks on human rights and various intellectual debates on social issues prevailing the country during his/her lectures . The mentor shall be a friend and a fellow peer who aims to share general knowledge with his assigned students to inculcate in them critical and independent thinking skills. We are looking for devoted, passionate members who are confident, articulate and of course, inspiring.

Am I eligible?

To become a mentor, you must be enrolled in a full-time/part-time course in a university. Students who are in their A’Levels may also be considered. You must be honest, dedicated and willing to fulfill the commitment required under this program.

Who is an Assistant Director?

The assistant director will be part of the management team of the entire program whose job will be to supervise the mentors. He/She is reportable to the Director of Mentorship Program and Representative to PEN.

Who can apply for Assistant Director?

Anyone above the age of eighteen can apply. Prior experience of social work or management shall be given weightage.

Important points

  • The mentorship program will last for six months.
  • Mentors will visit a school twice each month.
  • Mentors will be invited for an informal discussion with the board of Progressive Education Network once every 3 months.
  • Timings and slots for the lectures are flexible to the availability of the mentor. The mentor’s school/university schedule shall be kept in mind.

Looking forward to your applications. Best of luck