Mentorship Program Candidates Finalize

For Mentors in upcoming Mentorship Programe It was a tough one for us to decide who our top 20 candidates were because majority of the interviews and CVs were so impressive that it became extremely difficult to finalise our mentors. But the wait is over, congratulations to those who got selected, the team at PEN and NGP looks forward to working with you all, here is the finalised list (in no particular order):

Bilal Hassan

Shanze Rauf

Mohd. Ashfaq Ahmad Khan

Areej Asad

Waleed Ahmad Cheema

Adnan Malik

Ramsha Usman Khan

Khizra Tariq

Abdul Moiz

Rizwana Kauser

Ghulam Qasim

Tooba Sultan

Hooriya Shafiq

Zahra Khan

Maria Hashmi

Hisham Aasim Yusuf

Anam Javed

Sahar Kamran

Tayyaba Javed

Sameed Akhtar

Best Regards,
Team NGP.