Master Ayub


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At individual level, we often think that a single person can’t do any good for society, particularly at large scale level – that too with no external moral and physical support, inspiration and funding. However, there are people in this world who achieve the glory that hundreds of others can’t reach together.

Master Ayub, one of those extraordinary examples, has been teaching un-privileged and poor children of Islamabad, Pakistan for last 25 years without receiving a single penny.

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Converting a Public Park in Islamabad into a Night School, he has been able to teach these young children who will one day be the backbone of Pakistan.
“If Master Ayub leaves, no one will ever teach us again. He gets us books, stationary and teaches us everything,” Shahzeb, a seven-year-old student, said.
Some of the children he has taught are now working in government institutions like the Capital Development Authority (CDA) while others are running their own private businesses.
Having heard so much about Master Ayub, Team NGP decided to make a trip to Islamabad and meet this exceptional teacher. The team planned a day trip to the F-6 Park in January 2012. We bought notebooks and basic stationery for 200 students and gave each student a packet. We also got blackboards for Master Ayub and the other 5 teachers who now teach under Master Ayub’s instructions.

We spent a few hours interacting with the students,Master Ayub Project Next Generation Pakistan

played games like hangman and asked them to write their names on

their new notebooks.The children were happy, and loved their teacher.

Each student praised Master Ayub and said if it weren’t for him, they wouldn’t even know how to spell their names.

As we set off for our journey back home, we felt a strong ray of hope for Pakistan’s future. We were inspired by this man’s ability to change so many lives. Touched by his hard work and determination, we returned with the courage to bring change around us. To try our best and help brighten the future of Pakistan.