Little World Community Organization Project (LWCO)

LWCO project

It is with much honor to announce that recently NGP collaborated with LWCO- Little World Community Organization. In Pakistan, Little World Community Organization is helping the poor to end poverty by honoring their simple and effective motto: “Help Others to Help Oneself.” Main purpose behind this is: a group of empowered poor Pakistani women have taken on the challenge of starting literacy-vocational free schools in their villages. They pay for it themselves by painstakingly making greeting cards with lovely embroidered pictures to sell in the USA. It takes at least a day to make each card which sells for $5. They are mailed in bulk to the USA and sold without profit in participating businesses. Each is an original handcrafted work of art and well worth the price. All of the proceeds are sent back and is used to pay for local grass roots schools. The costs are kept low by using a team of dedicated volunteers and the school buildings are sections of homes they rent.

Little World Community Organization began about 5 years ago as collaboration between Greg Zaller in the USA with AneelMushtaq and PawanIlyas in Pakistan and has grown to 11 self-supporting schools. Greg had gone to Pakistan after a devastating earthquake in 2005 where he saw the need for village schools that responded to local needs instead of outside program managers. Women can attend these schools because they respect local concerns and teach prosperity. In fact the women become leaders and teach others to become leaders. They have earned the respect of men because they are making their communities better.

LWCO project cards

On behalf of Team NGP, the Project Director Mariam Saeed Khan communicates with Greg Zallerthrough emails to update about the ideas on helping the collaborated venture. This project is under the pipeline as the work is going on. We have cards to sell through the leading bookstores outlet. The main purpose behind this is that thousands of Pakistani village women have a platform to rise up respectably by learning to make creative crafts like embroidered greeting cards. Inspired by hope, they often learn to read and write in one year. LWCO is a model of global friendship. Everyone in LWCO is an unpaid worker giving freely and gaining a wealth that no money can buy. The teachers, the administrators, the students, the volunteers, and most importantly, the stores that sell their simple and beautiful products without taking a profit are all equal member of LWCO.Please visit LWCO’s website, ,  to know more about their projects. Greg Zaller is in Faisalabad to visit the school at the moment. Right now there are eleven schools and they support themselves with the sale of the greeting cards. Students develop their confident attitude and a positive approach by doing something on their own and getting the reward as income to support.

Future Prospects: Collaboration like this can give NGP to work on a more international level for Pakistan to encourage International ventures like LWCO as there are many reasons to believe in “ Kalka Pakistan, Ekbehtar Pakistan” Expansion from greeting cards to designing the embroidery in patches that could be sewn onto clothing is under consideration according to the practicality of this idea. As the cards are shipped from USA and all the costs and other economic factors need to be considered.