English Language Course at Govt. Girls Elementary School Ghopal Nagar

Any difference whether it is minute or huge, makes a difference in the lives of people who are illuminating within. We consider it our duty to do something different, though the idea is similar to what the previous generations did but the next generation is going to pass it on-transferring what we already know about “Education” to reinvent his-story.

An ‘English Language’ and ‘Arts and Crafts’ Summer Camp was organized at Government Girls Elementary School Ghopal Nagar from 15th June till 22nd June.

Day 1

Noor Ejaz taking her class
Noor Ejaz taking her class

NGP commenced its first ‘Summer 2012’ project on 15th June 2012.The medium of instruction of the school changed from Urdu to English recently. Team NGP aimed to impart basic communication skills in English language to the students with the goal of making learning easier for them in this linguistic confusion.
Our orientation was a major success due to the enthusiasm of the students and also because of our combined aim. The aim that we enforce and they reiterate, ‘Kal ka Pakistan, Aik behtar Pakistan’.

Day 2 and Day 3

During the course of these two days, Team NGP enlightened the school girls about the different parts of speech via interactive discussions. Amongst the special activities planned for the students, the ‘Memory Game’ was the most pivotal confidence building exercise followed by the ‘Role-Play Session’.
Explaining the importance of English language in the global community. They clarified various misconceptions and prejudices the students had against learning English Language. The instructors, Arham, Noor and Raza taught the assigned course segments effectively. Test results at the end of Day 2 were extremely fruitful. Yousafullah Tahir entertained the class with motivational lectures, inspiring the students to believe in themselves. After all, self-belief is a positive tonic that helps people grow beyond their dreams.

Day 4 and Day 5

Noor Zehra Ibrahim
Noor Zehra reviews her notes during her lecture

The last two days began on a light-hearted note that welcomed our new instructors Humza Ahmed, Fatima Khalid Khan, Mariam Saeed Khan, Minahil Raza, Ifrah Rashid, Mashal Faran, Noor and Mahira for being the most loved teachers. Despite load shedding and no air to breath, these students and instructors proved that one is interdependent on each other for the learning- teaching co-existence relationship.  The bubbly smiles and the happiness that we got from girls were beyond our imagination. Primarily because we exceeded their expectations but more than that we found out that they had a thrust of knowledge more than ours. Sometimes making us think that they equally deserve a chance and change to study in the privileged schools and universities just like us. Their innocent dreams and inspirations were reflected on the activities such as drawing on a topic “happiness” which embarked us on their journey of w

hat their idea is of being happy. Even though for them we were like somebody from outer land but their love blossomed us on the last day when each one of us signed their autograph diaries and snapshots.

Ending Note

Each one of us did our part in bridging the gap for them to be educated for the standard that this world desires for them.That was just one week but imagine and think, if we are there for them for the rest of our lives, they surely are going to do wonders. As they are the symbol of hope as much as we are for them.

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