Feeding Smiles


Over the past year, Next Generation Pakistan has joined hands with the Robin Hood army for nearly 17 food distributions in over 7 different locations such as the Samsaani Basti and Jinnah Hospital. The Robin Hood Army is a volunteer based organization that works to get surplus food from restaurants across to the less fortunate people in cities across Pakistan and India. This project not only works to save food from going to waste, but also allows us to help the destitute within our community by providing them with food.  

This Independence Day, Next Generation Pakistan embarked on one of its biggest projects yet in collaboration with the Robinhood Army. The #Mission500K project was a collaborative effort between the Robinhood Army and various partner organisations – including Next Generation Pakistan – to feed a total of 500,000 people spread over 5 countries over the span of 3 days, from the 13th to the 15th of August. The project is a tribute to the loving memory of the late Abdul Sattar Edhi and his boundless generosity and compassion. Seeing the sheer happiness on the people’s faces is the greatest incentive than any to continue with this project, next time with even more determination and perseverance!  

NGP would like to thank the Robin Hood Army as well as all of our own volunteers who were a part of the first edition of this project. Our achievements would not have been possible without their vigour and firm conviction to our cause.