CNS 2016 Summer Internship Program


For Next Generation Pakistan, education means an exposure to opinions, values and activities that underprivileged students in our society do not usually get an opportunity to participate in. Therefore, the CNS Trust School Internship is an initiative that introduces students from poor localities to fields and subjects that can help broaden their perspectives. Whether it’s teaching them unconventional subjects like Sociology, paying tribute to the victims of the APS attack through Dramatics or listening to motivational speakers like Moiz Shaukat, the CNS Internship aims to inspire innovation and creativity among disadvantaged members of society through its team of more than 50 dedicated volunteers.  

The CNS Internship showed students that they can create their own paths in life without conforming to the roles that society set out for them. They can take up a paintbrush and imagine themselves to be Sadequain or go on the stage as Moin Akhtar.  

With impressive performances by students marking the end of the experience, the two week long internship proved to be successful. The CNS intern team showed a great deal of dedication, passion and unity – ideals that Next Generation Pakistan stands for, and strives to develop in the youth of today so that they can make their mark tomorrow.