Clean Up Project 2015

In a country where the environment generally comes second on people’s list of priorities, projects that tackle making the environment cleaner are rare. The idea of cleaning up the environment of Pakistan appeals to few; the importance of this task is also rarely acknowledged. As a group of students who strive to alter, reshape, and reform the way our people look at the environment, Next Generation Pakistan launched a project which aimed to do exactly so.


On the 15th of June, 2015 the Next Generation Pakistan ‘Clean Up Project’ kicked off at the Cantt Railway Station, where land pollution is abundant. A group of thirty volunteers was collected via social media, and given seven days to completely clean a tract of land about 50 meters wide. Waste Busters, a recycling company which operates in Lahore agreed to take all the waste the volunteers collected and recycle it. The volunteers were taught to differentiate between organic and inorganic waste to make the collection process simpler. For seven afternoons, the volunteers for the Clean Up Project cleared up the Cantt Railway Station and spoke to the inhabitants of this region on a daily basis to raise awareness about land pollution and its hazards. Soon enough, some of them took up shovels of their own, inspired by our idea of taking responsibility for the waste produced by the current generation, so that the future generations may also thrive.  On the 21st of June, 2015 the project came to a close and the area was significantly cleaner than when we had begun. But the most important part of the mission had been accomplished behind the scenes. The inhabitants of the Cantt Railway Station are now aware of their responsibility to their country, and most importantly, to themselves.