CFx Comics



Next Generation Pakistan is collaborating with CFx Comics to spread awareness about the deep rooted inequalities pervading our society.

CFx Comics is an initiative that aims to counter extremism and intolerance through comic books that depict and expose these social evils in order to begin changing minds from the grass root level. NGP has already published two comics regarding social inequality.  

One comic strip depicted the situation of the underprivileged children at our internship schools, creating empathy and spurring action. The second one aimed at presenting the contrasting ways in which the rich and poor spend their Ramazan, hoping to make the privileged youth realize how gifted they are, and how it is their duty to help in whatever capacity they can.

The CFx Comic Collaboration is an ongoing project of NGP, and we are always looking for new and talented artists who can help us make these comics, and bring about a real change.