Book Drive 2015

As a start to the year, two members from the NGP team initiated a project called ‘The Book Drive 2015’. The main aim behind this project was to distribute books that enhance the knowledge of underprivileged students, encourage their aptitude for learning and inculcate the essence of education amongst them.

Many students from well-known institutions such as LGS, Beaconhouse, Aitchison College, SICAS, LACAS, Learning Alliance and Alma, amongst others, participated as volunteers and collected more than 1,000 old and unused books that were later exchanged for standard textbooks suitable for their understanding level.

The project lasted for a month and became a learning experience for both the volunteers and students in effectively eradicating lack of education on a small-scale level. It also became a good incentive for many to get rid of unused/old books and make some space at home!