Bakhtawar Bilal Soofi guest speaker at Together Towards Tomorrow

Bakhtawar Bilal Soofi, one of the founders of Next Generation Pakistan, was invited as a guest speaker at a conference titled ‘Together Towards Tomorrow’ held on the 30th of August at Alhamra, Lahore. Other guest speakers at the conference included Ammara Farooq Malik, Abrar ul Haq, Ali Moeen Nawazish, Mujeeb ur Rehman Shami and Sohail Idrees. The conference was organized as part of a youth guidance conference by Research Konnect; a UBC, Vancouver based initiative.

Bakhtawar gave a twenty minute talk at the event and touched various issues relevant to the conference’s theme. He started off talking about his grand-father, Prof. Dr. M.A. Soofi, who suffered a stroke earlier that morning and how his temporary loss of speech had affected his preparation for the event. He paid tribute to his grand-father and then moved onto the story of Next Generation Pakistan.
In his speech, Bakhtawar narrated two stories he had experienced through his association with NGP in much greater detail; one that was inspiring and the other that was eye-opening. The speech is video recorded and can be found online