It all goes back to the winter of 2009-10 when Ahad Nangiana, Bakhtawar Soofi and Yousafullah Tahir; acquaintances and batch-mates at Aitchison College met in a corridor of their school’s academic block. In the event of periodic bomb-blasts one after and another in that particular period, the general attendance at the schools in Lahore was at an all-time low. And so as they met, the topic of the conversation shifted emphasis from attendance to Pakistan.

In the conversation that followed, they discovered how concerned they were given the circumstances of Pakistan at that point in time. For 65 years, many people, like them, had done nothing but complain. Sitting in the comfort of their homes many criticized the government and other state institutions for the situation prevalent in Pakistan but very few actually rose to the occasion and did anything practical for the country they all loved. This belief was uniform across the three.

Driven by an urge to do something, rather than ‘blame and complain’ Ahad, Bakhtawar and Yousaf decided they should start by funding education for children at some school. Bakhtawar informed them about a technical school, just recently built by the ‘Kipling Institute’ in a village called Gohawa and they decided to collect money in order to fund books for the children studying there. Considering, that there were just the three of them Ahad, Bakhtawar and Yousaf funded books for 51 children at the School of Technical Sciences by pooling in money from their own pockets.

When friends and relatives alike heard about this, the three received great appreciation and many including Hamaad Mustafa and Taimur Ali Khan showed great enthusiasm in doing something similar for Pakistan. The initial three having increased to five now, met together on a regular basis. The outcome of these meetings was a general belief that they must constitute an NGO. Together, these five decided to make it different by limiting it’s membership to the youth only. The reason behind this is explained in detail on the ‘Our Vision’ page.

Having done all that the name ‘Next Generation Pakistan’ and ‘Kal Ka Pakistan’ was finalized. Preparations were then made to formally announce the setup of a new NGO on the 25th of June 2010.

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