Aalam Bibi 2015 Internship Program

Next Generation Pakistan has affiliated itself with many schools in Lahore and has arranged many internship programs; one of their most competitive and distinctive being the annual ‘Aalam Bibi Trust Program’. The program was highly demanded with more than 700 volunteers registered for participation!

Aalam Bibi Trust School is located at Kacha Jail Road in Lahore and has been educating children from poor localities for a considerable period of time.  Before the start of the internship program, we decided on teaching those subjects that were outside their standard school curriculum. Subjects ranging from Problem Solving to Public Speaking were taught intensively and enthusiastically by all volunteers and NGP members from different schools. Each moment and each day at Aalam Bibi was an enlightening experience for our members and interns, acting as an incentive to continue helping these children and their futures. The program ended with delightful performances by the students along with a presentation of their artwork. This two-week project during the warm wave of Ramadan showed true passion, commitment and spirit from the NGP team.

For more details/donations, visit http://aalambibi.org/